Gallberry Honey

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Gallberry Honey

Gallberry Honey is sourced from a small evergreen holly bush also known as inkberry. This bush, which grows abundantly in South Georgia, creates a honey with a rich, and elegant taste, making it a perfect honey for special meals as well as everyday table use.

This thick and aromatic honey is full of pollen and enzymes meaning it is slow to crystallize. This uniquely Southern honey is time-honored and highly sought after across the Southeast as well as the world. Every spoonful contains the flavors and accents of the Old South blended perfectly with the New. As soon as you try it you will instantly understand why it is one of the world's best varietal honeys.

 South Georgia Origin


This bright, robust honey is full of flavor exploding from every jar.

Pure and raw, this masterpiece needs no additives or infused flavors to make it a household favorite. Each jar reflects the orchestra of wildflowers blooming across the south during the spring and summertime. Clover, privet, blackberry, holly, gallberry, tulip poplar, and more add their nectars to the bees' industry to craft the complex flavors found in Southern Wildflower Honey

Whether it's used as everyday honey in your household or to sweeten the fanciest of desserts or teas, this bright honey makes the perfect addition to your table. 

ORIGIN: North Georgia